Leadership Development for the Digital World

As the business agenda grows bigger and bolder, there’s a new urgency to get today’s high-potential and emerging human resource leaders prepared to take on tomorrow’s C-level roles. Strengthening their leadership capabilities and business acumen will require new skill development as well as the ongoing advice and support of experienced mentors and trusted peer networks.

Presented by Ouellette & Associates in partnership with Executive Strategic Alliance, The Human Resources Leadership Experience (The HRLX) brings a comprehensive learning experience for HR leaders to your region. Through a proven combination of classroom workshops, peer networking, problem-solving, and mentoring, this program does more than build the next generation of HR leaders; it creates a powerful HR leadership community.


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Brought to you by Ouellette & Associates in partnership with the Executive Strategic Alliance.


The Technology Leadership Experience

With a similar structure, premise, and foundation as The HRLX, The Technology Leadership Experience provides an in-depth learning journey for a cohort of mid-level technology leaders within a single city.