Skill Builder

Connecting Your Talent and Leadership Development Strategies

Skill Builder + The HRLX

Benefits for Participants

  • Solidifies why they’ve been chosen for the program. Skill Builder will help participants showcase their current strengths and skills on their “baseball card.”
  • Competencies and proficiency levels based on industry standards. Participants have a broader view of their role and what is expected both inside and outside the organization.
  • Ability to explore pathways. Because the platform gives participants the opportunity to change roles, they can look at a role they are working towards and identify additional areas to improve on as they progress in their career.
  • Sets the stage and tracks progress. The self-assessment sets the stage for the entire HR Leadership Experience, allowing the participant and their manager to track tangible results throughout. Participants retake the assessment in a year to measure progress.
  • Supports all program activities. The information and data are provided not only for the participant to explore but to use in their mentoring and problem-solving sessions as well.
  • Comprehensive on-demand learning resources. The Skill Builder platform gives participants access to more than 7,000 microlearning resources to support their development and professional journey.

Participant Quick Guide, including FAQs and step-by-step instructions to get started.