The Virtual HRLX

A dynamic, blended learning approach for today’s busy HR leaders

The virtual HRLX (vHRLX) offers the same dynamic workshops, peer sharing and learning, 1:1 mentoring, transformational experience and outcomes of an in-person cohort.

In a highly engaging and interactive virtual learning environment, participants will join HR colleagues from organizations across the country in a tight-knit peer cohort, guided by the expert facilitation and support of facilitators with decades of experience.

Don’t wait to build your pipeline of visionary HR leaders.

Unique Benefits of Virtual

  • Accessible: No matter where they’re located, your HR leaders can join the leadership journey.
  • Broaden horizons: Participants will grow their networks by engaging with peers and mentors from various companies and industries nationwide.
  • Learn + Practice + Apply = Succeed: Modularized content delivered over time embeds new mindsets and builds essential skills.
  • Personal: The number of people in each cohort is limited to ensure a personalized, high-impact learning experience.
  • Cost Effective: A year-long experience at 30-50% the cost of a traditional leadership development program
The HRLX components